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First and foremost, we need your payers. But, also your one-time or monthly financial support.

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Empower others

Seeds Of Greatness ministries is currently going into Clark County Jail Work Release Program and is spreading the good news of the Gospel. We encounter individuals at a point where change is a desire for them and we mentor/disciple individuals to have a plan of re-entry upon entering back into society.

We hold a Wednesday morning bible study/empowerment group that seeks to give the individual empowering information that helps them to transition from receiving information to utilizing it in their life by application. We are also once a month hosting an event titled “A Demonstration Of Love” where we are empowering individuals through the service of haircuts and hairstyles that is a collaboration with “Greater Faith MBC” and “Hands Of Favor”. All of these initiatives are a start to helping the individual realize “Greatness Lies Within Them” but we see so many go back to their previous lifestyle because of not having stable shelter and environment that fosters the change they are seeking to make in life.

How can you, your business or organization collaborate with this ministry? First and foremost, we need your prayers but one-time or monthly financial contributions are also helpful. Please Call (360) 980-7051, or email using the Contact Form to contribute with Cash, Check, or Words of Encouragement. For easy online credit/debit card donation please use the easy Tithely app by clicking the Donate Online button and using the app. Thank You and God Bless!

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A great opportunity for individuals, churches, small groups and businesses!

 “Seeds Of Greatness Ministries” are looking for one time donors and monthly sponsors that would help partner with us as we strive towards helping individuals realize, “Greatness Lies Within You.”

 If you feel so led of the Lord to help lighten this load by Volunteering, please call “Seeds Of Greatness Ministries.”

  1. Transitional Housing
  2. Office Space
  3. Continued Ministry

Currently we are seeking a commercial residence where we can have a office, transitional housing and continue ministering to the needs of individuals.

Your one-time pledge of $20, $40, $50


Your pledge of $25 a month ($300 per year) Would enable us to find a place.

A sponsoring gift is a great way to partner with us as we help individuals transition back into society. Please call “Seeds of Greatness Ministries”

(360) 980-2306

No one despises the day of small beginnings. Thank you and God bless you for your support.