The Team

The Team







What do you love about God?

Damion: I love that he looks past my faults and sees my needs.

Derek: I love God because he loves me unconditionally and that's only my first answer because there's a whole lot of reasons to love him!

Regina: Because he is a forgiving God. He brought me out of the darkness and into the light. He has shown me, now matter what I have done, He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Steven & Vannessa: What we love about God is that no matter how far away we've turned from Him: He still has plans for our lives. He directs us to the path of love and selflessness. His rewards are here on earth; we see them every time we get to be of service to his flock.

Can you tell us about the “Greatness Inside of You?

Damion: The "greatness inside of me" comes out when I see others recognize the "greatness" in themselves.

Derek: I would describe the "greatness within me" as a burning desire to please God. There's a need inside me to serve the underserved, to lift people up, and to point people to God. I also see greatness in the gifts that God has given me to use for the furtherance of his kingdom.

Regina: The Greatness inside of me means to use the gifts he's given me to a level above and beyond my expectations. Doing so with the purpose of delivering the Gospel and sharing my testimonies. The Greatness inside of me tells me to listen to others and share what God has done for me, when I do this I am on "fire" for the Lord.

Steven & Vannessa: The greatness inside of us is the ability to channel the luminous power of the Holy Spirit; to keep our paths straight and our needs met. By using the Word of God as a sword, we are destined to carry and pass the Gospel message on to the next generation.

How are you growing in your journey with God and this ministry?

Damion: I'm growing in my journey with this ministry by church-planting and I'm growing with God by continuing to explore and study what it looks like to follow Jesus.

Derek: I am growing personally and in the ministry. God is allowing me to see the growth in my personal life, which I have to be sure is 100% so that I can be the right type of leader, leading like a servant.  But also, my growth is continual; I'm learning every day on my own and by submission to God-appointed leadership.

Regina: I have a hard time seeing the big-picture of my growth of my journey with God. But I do know God is working on me within Seeds of Greatness ministry. I know that through Hands of Favor ministry and Women's ministry, God has tasked me with bringing people to him and mentoring the lost and confused; here is where I see growth.

Steven & Vannessa: We have seen growth in our knowledge of God's Word, which has led to more growth in our personal walks with Christ and our leadership potential in the ministry. We're constantly growing in our prayer lives, our marriage and as parents. Our faith for the future of the Church and Seeds of Greatness ministry is also continually growing.