We seek to plant an outreach church in Vancouver, WA targeted towards those that have been wounded in society.

This church will supply leadership needed for Christianity and churches to come in the future, solidifying the mandate of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ as given in “the great commission.” We will also, through kingdom building, plant churches, build transitional homes and open businesses that promote sustainability and provide jobs.


Join us every Sunday @ 10am two ways:
1. In-Person @ Rosevelt Elementary School 2921 Falk Rd Vancouver, WA 98661
2. Online @ Facebook Live & YouTube
We'd love to get to know you. “Greatness Lies Within You!”



10:00 AM PST

"Every scripture given to man has the potential to make one great, great in the sense that if a born again believer will pursue their God given potential to the fullest of their ability they can do awesome things for God."
Pastor Damion Young

Our Strategy

Steps, Not Programs
Helping People Recognize “Greatness Lies Within You”

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