School Supply Drive 2020

February 1

“A Demonstration Of Love” (Free Backpacks & school supplies) is a collaboration of organizations & churches showing the love of God through men by giving school supplies and backpacks to children of Clark County. This event was put together by Derek Thompsom of “Hands Of Favor” when he suggested that we all come together (Greater Faith MBC, Faith United and Seeds Of Greatness Ministries) to do this event and from there it has grown. We have endeavored to put on an event of this magnitude…

  • because in Clark County there are approximately 20,000 children in the county and 50% of them receive free lunch, which translates into poverty.

This creates numerous issues (low self-esteem, etc.) and we have determined to put on an event where these children will be valued and boost their confidence for the upcoming school year. There’s something about seeing children with healthy confidence.